level 3 - coordinating an outdoor curriculum

Coordinating an Outdoor Curriculum is a two day course designed for those who would like to further their OL skills, be a part of successfully embedding outdoor learning in their organisation and making it accessible to all.

This course is only available to those who have completed the Level 2 Outdoor Learning Practitioner Award.

Course Content Summary:

  • Background of educational practice of modern Outdoor Learning including a review of research & practice in recent years.
  • Auditing existing provision and practice, creating procedures and best practice guidelines for making outdoor learning part of a whole school educational strategy
  • Site / grounds planning and sustainable management
  • Planning year round programmes of OL
  • Building on Outdoor Learning Skills

Entry Qualifications Required

  • Level 2 Qualification or appropriate experience in education, youth work, childcare etc.
  • Established link with a client group and at least two years experience with client groups
  • 21 years or over at the start of the course.
  • First Aid Qualification and DBS strongly advised